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Posted by Nick Schiltz on Aug 14, 2019 1:30:00 PM


This summer, we posted three internships and were met with some incredibly talented applicants. From left to right, we have Dan Bohlke, Katy Brooks, and Cameron Trentz. Here's what they had to say about their backgrounds and what they did while interning with Grace:

Dan Bohlke: I'm Dan, I am currently attending Iowa State University and plan to graduate in December 2019 with a Bachelors degree in Software Engineering. Working as a Software Intern at Grace; I created a C# library that allows for the remote printing of ZPL templates to Zebra Printers, Developed a Windows application for provisioning GraceSense CloudGates to WiFi, and helped to design new email templates for the upcoming 2.0 version of Maintenance Hub. This internship has helped me realize that I believe I am finally ready to move forward into the work force as a Software Engineer.

Katy Brooks: My name is Katy and I am attending St. Ambrose University with a major in Marketing and minor in Sales. Throughout my internship as Grace's Marketing and Sales Intern, I took photographs to help create their website they are working on, helped upload information to the new website, and also posted social media for Letter2Word. I feel this internship has greatly prepared me for a future career in the field of Marketing.

Cameron Trentz: My name is Cameron and I’m attending the University of Iowa with a major in Computer Science & Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. This summer I worked at Grace as a software engineering intern. I focused mainly on applications for the company website such as a distributor/sales rep map lookup widget and a dynamic product code description generator. Through this internship I was able to invest in meaningful projects and learn about the transition I’ll have to make between academia and industry. Thanks Grace!!

Thank YOU, guys! As they go back to school, Dan and Katy will be staying on part-time through the end of the year. We wish them all the best of luck in school and their future careers!


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