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What Does Innovation Mean for Electrical Safety?

What Does GraceSense Mean for Electrical Safety?

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What do PESDs Mean for Electrical Safety?

What Does Electrical Safety Mean to You?

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Notre Dame Cathedral (Electrical?) Fire

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Automation Fair: Recap & IIoT Debut

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HUMPDAY Meet & Greet - Production Part II

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How It's Made: California

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The Way of the Future

Electrical Safety Month - Burnie & Les

Electrical Safety Month - Ecclesiastes

Electrical Safety Month - Proverbs

Electrical Safety Month - Exodus

Electrical Safety Month - Genesis

ICYMI: Grace Meets IIoT with New Aquisition

The Wall Street Journal Published Us?!


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Burnie & Les Make LOTO Safer with Grace PESDs®

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Grace PESD Spotlight: Flex-Mount Voltage Indicator

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Obsoleting the Absence of Voltage Test?

A Safer New Year

Think Global. Act Local.

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Tesla vs. Toyota

Listen. Think. Solve.

Come Find Faults Before They Find You

Houston Automation Fair


Burnie & Les Make LOTO Safer with PESDs

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HUMPDAY Spotlight: Don Sparks

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HUMPDAY Meet & Greet - Inside Sales

How Buses Schooled Phil Allen on Electrical Safety

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Philbert has the Knack

2037: Don't Let Your Cars Talk to Strangers

Burnie & Les Make LOTO Safer with PESDs

Happy 4-Day Weekend!

Have Drones Gone Too Far?

Don't Forget Father's Day! - A Cautionary Tale

Humans Need Not Apply

Electrical Safety Month Part V

Electrical Safety Month Part IV

Electrical Safety Month Part III

Electrical Safety Month Part II

Electrical Safety Month Part I

State of Grace

A Horse of Course

National Sibling & Pet Day

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Relieve Stress with Flex-Mount Voltage Indicators

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Kids, Don't Try This at Home

Sweet Twenty-Sixteen

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Automation Fair 2016 Recap

Automation Fair 2016

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The Rectifier

Stranger than Fiction

Tesla v. Edison: War of Currents Part III

Tesla v. Edison: War of Currents Part II

Tesla v. Edison: War of Currents Part I

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Rio Roundup Part III

Rio Roundup Part II

Rio Roundup Part I

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Brexit: Resurgence

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David & Goliath

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Burnie & Les get a GracePort®

Burnie & Les Make LOTO Safer with PESDs

May the Fourth be with You

Hot Wheels in Real Life

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HumpDay Survival Guide

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What is a Photocopier?

Dawn of HumpDay

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As the leading innovator in Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESD), we’re all about keeping people away from live voltage.

We care deeply for people and our weekly blog is a way we like to stay connected and give a break to those in our industry and beyond with what’s new at Grace, tidbits of fun, giveaways, and of course, electrical safety.

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